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Brent Faiyaz – Lost (EP Review)


Brent Faiyaz isn’t quite a household name right now, despite being Grammy-nominated for his contributions on GoldLink and Shy Glizzy’s sizzling hot “Crew” record. Today, the Columbia, MD native looks to continue his rise up the charts, releasing a six track EP that I think is as intriguing as it gets.





“Trust” is an uptempo R&B track that sounds like something Puff Daddy and the Family produced (Matter of fact, I was waiting for some “Uh huh’s” and “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop’s” the whole time). On it, Brent allows us directly into his world, pointing out his flaws, mishaps and want for finding a true love. The vocals he uses are tranquil, and his lyrical content is genuine and unfeigned.

Below is a quote from Brent on “Trust”:

“Trust” is my vent. In 2018, nothing is sacred. Everyone is everywhere and knows everybody. I don’t text too personal because somebody might screenshot it and share it. People stare at me. They stop me and talk my ear off about working and collaborating when I’m drunk in the club or out getting groceries. I’ve had random women find my address and wait outside my apartment building. [There’s] no more privacy. Strangers having opinions about me is one of the wildest things I’ve had to come to terms with. Now I just really don’t give a fuck.

Brent Faiyaz to Billboard

Finding love while famous is harder than blocking for Eli Manning.



“Poundz” is clearly a hit. On it, you get several sides of Brent Faiyaz: One that is ruthless-sounding, another that is hurt and looking for love, and lastly, one that is understanding. Whatever version you hear, they are all on beat, gliding through the action-packed instrumental with great ease. In my opinion, this is what makes him a special artist.

There is a smooth/soothing second part to this song where Brent opens up about peace, babies and s**t, but as a fellow savage, I don’t care about that part (Hey, he was the one that set the tone…).

Below is a quote from Brent on “Poundz”:

“Poundz” touches on addiction and/or poor choices. Highs and lows. Cause, effect, [and] rehabilitation. It isn’t our fault. We’re products of this world we were born into. We all battle our own demons. Everyone is troubled in the dark, but, please just stop & think about the babies. They’re gonna be here long after we leave.

Brent Faiyaz to Billboard

Interesting quote…


1. WHY’Z IT SO HARD (4/5)

2. CAME RIGHT BACK (4.5/5)

3. TRUST (4.5/5)

4. AROUND ME (4/5)

5. POUNDZ (4.5/5)





Brent Faiyaz is so deep in his feelings on this EP that he’s drowning. Throughout listening to it, I felt myself engulfed in his sad, lonely and outcast world, mainly due to his hypnotizing vocals. From song to song, he tries to come across as relatable, but ends up sounding lost and frustrated at times. Sadly, it is beyond interesting listening to him find his way through the turmoil, especially when it comes in the form of exhilarating musicality.


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