MIH-TY (Jeremih & Ty Dolla $ign) – MIHTY (Album Review)


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign are two of the most important R&B singers in the game right now. They are both go-to artists for rappers that want some soulful crooning in their music, and in their solo efforts, I believe they have delivered some of the most timeless records out. Today, they join forces for “MIH-TY,” and as one of their biggest fans, I expect greatness.





Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign are two of the smoothest artists in the game, but to be honest with you, I like them a lot when they are on some desperate s**t; In “Surrounded,” that is exactly what you get.

“Surrounded” sorta plays like a soap opera, right? The instrumental is action-packed, Chris provides emotional vocals on the hook, Ty is as animated as I’ve ever heard him on his verse, and Jeremih combines both worlds on his part. With the content revolving around having distractions around (cash and women), basking in every second of it, I was a bit surprised that the song gave off this tone.

Wiz Khalifa sorta normalizes the song on his part, dropping off this rap verse at the end that echoes everyone else’s sentiments. he rides the beat very well, rapping tough and crooning a bit, in addition to mixing humbling lyrics and braggadocios ones masterfully.

I need to get like these guys! I am surrounded by funk and dusty ass furniture most of the time.




“New Level” lives all the way up to expectations. On it, both of our rugged crooners give us something heavy on the melodic side and sensual when it comes to lyrical content. For the most part, their contributions sound simple as s**t, but when you are a talented singer, you can make simple sound Godly.

Lil Wayne has the last verse on this song, and he gives us something classic in which he finds some clever ways to let some coveted chick know that he’s better than any dude that has tried to come her way in the past. In other words, he still has that Weezy F. Baby appeal when he raps that allows him to be sought after by females that he probably doesn’t deserve.

You know what I really f**k with on this song? The way it flows. I feel like each artist practically glides through their contributions. I wouldn’t be surprised if they recorded this s**t in one take.



3. FYT

Contrary to popular belief, ‘FYT’ doesn’t stand for ‘F**k your trainer.’

One of the first Rap/R&B records I fell in love with when I was younger was Notorious B.I.G. and R. Kelly’s “F**king You Tonight” joint from back in the day. On “FYT,” the trio of Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign and French Montana decided to remix the classic track, and they do it justice. In their version, they keep the original song’s smooth feel while also applying some serious harmonizing and lyrical content real ones can relate with. In my opinion, Ty sounds as invested as he’s ever sounded on a record, while Jeremih sorta approaches the track with more of a laid-back approach. As for French Montana, I see no purpose why he’s on this song.




Remember the term ‘Captain Save A H*e?” Well I won’t quite call Ty Dolla $ign and Jeremih that on this song, but it does seem like they are willing to at least get on the same page as one. On “Goin Thru Some Thangz,” both of our superstar R&B hit-makers deliver meaningful bars revolving around their chicks tribulations and ambitions, while also letting us know the many reasons she is the absolute keeper if you are given an opportunity to woo her. Throughout, you get some animated singing from both of our heroes, as they do everything from beg to get lost in the baddie at hand. Do you blame them, though?




“The Light” features a sound that I believe both artists easily dominate today. Its root is old school sounding, yet the track boasts a vibe to it that is very modern.  It also has this smooth yet clubby feel to it, with each artist featured flexing their vocal abilities by giving us something that is both passionate and on some romantic s**t. I f**k with the track a lot, especially for its two-step potential.


1. THE LIGHT (5/5)


3. FYT (4/5)


5. NEW LEVEL (4.5/5)


7. THESE DAYS (4/5)

8. SURROUNDED (4.5/5)

9. LIE TO ME (4/5)

10. RIDE IT (3.5/5)

11. INTIMATE (4.5/5)




R&B music today doesn’t quite move the needle like it used to, but when it did back in the day, you can argue that it had the strongest impact out of all the genres. If you weren’t privileged with living in that era, Ty and Jeremih will show you what it was all about on this project. Not only do you get passion from the duo, but you also get some old school sounding music that will literally give you flashbacks to my favorite genre’s heyday. You can tell they studied what the most versatile crooners did back in the day, added some modern vibes to it, and WALA, you have something listeners who enjoy quality R&B music can f**k with!

I say we call this album “MIH-TY-MAKA,” because Hitmaka was just as responsible as Ty and Jeremih were for the music on this project. The beats were versatile, unique, and most importantly, phenomenal when it came to vibes. You can tell he knew the exact sounds to get both featured artists to feel their most comfortable, something I believe is critical for singers like them.

I was really impressed with Ty and Jeremih’s intent on really diving deep in their bags when it came to their singing. For most songs, they decided to let their sly demeanor carry them to the finish line, but on a few tracks, they really showed off their ability to croon with the best of them, something I believe they never get respect for. I also enjoyed the topics and lyrical content they were able to deliver, opting to blend real n***a s**t like navigating through relationships with a few ‘ballin’ til’ you fall’ moments. It made the album feel just as relatable as it did flossy.

You know what’s funny? I feel like Jeremih and Ty Dolla $ign’s projects never get the credit they deserve, and I personally do not see that changing for this effort. You probably won’t hear a bunch of these tracks on the radio or played in the clubs, despite it probably sounding 10x better than what you currently have in your top 40 playlists. Who cares, though. Take your time sulking this project up, because I truly feel like it has some timeless hits.


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