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THEY & Jessie Reyez Get All In Their Feelings In “Broken” (Review & Stream)


I didn’t realize that either of these acts were capable of talking about their raw emotions like this on a song…

I have been patiently waiting for THEY to drop their new album, sorta how the Giants are patiently waiting for Eli Manning to retire. With every single THEY releases, the more and more I become enraged that I don’t have a full body of work from them that I can get engulfed in. Today, I think I reached my boiling point, because the duo (along with Jessie Reyez) decided to drop this guitar-heavy gem that has our heroes opening up about the troubles they have with finding a true love. Even though the song has feel-good vibes on the instrumental, the lyrics are as sappy as it gets, making for a tune that will give you the feels in all kinds of ways.

I am one of the biggest fans of both of these acts.



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