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A Doubles Plays The Perfect Adviser In “Role Model” (Review & Stream)

I agree with A Doubles, I think we do need some better role models, too…

A Doubles is one of those rappers that uses his platform to spit knowledge to individuals all over the globe. In other words, his aim is to give advice that is positive, especially to the youth. In his latest single, “Role Model,” the UK native gives us a lyrical masterpiece that revolves around the troubles that come with following in the same path as the so-called rap stars we tend to idolize. I love how aggressive and stern he is with his messages on his verses, as he barrels over the temperamental instrumental he was dealt with rather ferociously.

Personally, I love when rappers call out other rappers for their reckless ways. Everything should have two perspectives, and in this day and age, that second perspective (The one you get on this song) isn’t heard enough. Kudos to A Doubles for bringing it to us here.


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