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Sneakk Links Up With Tyga & YG For “Spray” (Review & Stream)


Folks in LA have the best strip club records.

Sneakk, YG and Tyga are clearly ready to take on their ops today, because in “Spray,” their new collaboration together, they do a lot of serious s**t talking!

“Spray” is powered by this bass-heavy west coast instrumental that f**ks up weak speakers and unscrews light fixtures when it plays. On this instrumental, Both Tyga and YG give us something cold on their respective verses, with the former setting the tone for the song with this very infectious hook and verse. As for Sneakk, he does his best to keep up with the two heavy-weights on his lone verse, but in my opinion, I wasn’t really f**king with his part at all (His vocals sounded a bit too amateur for my liking). Nonetheless, I liked that he put an extra ‘k’ in his name.

Cot damn, pulling up and spraying is how these dudes feel? Ya’ll couldn’t try to hash things out first?



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