Nemra Hold Nothing Back In “Because” (Review & Stream)

Everyone in Nemra has just become idols of mine.

I’m not going to lie, I love me a rebellious rockstar! In “Because,” the lead singer of Nemra, Van Yeghiazaryan, showcases that persona, and I genuinely love every second of it!

“Because” is powered by some explosive drumming (Kudos to Marek Zaborski), electrifying guitar-play (Kudos to Van Yeghiazaryan and Vaspur Yeghiazaryan), earth-shattering bass (Kudos to Vaspur Yeghiazaryan), and some pretty strong crooning. But in all honesty, what I love about the song is the lyrical content that Van delivers throughout it. On his verses, he talks about being over the pressures of society so much that he wishes to do everything in his power to go against it  – – that means wearing shades to block people from seeing his eyes, cutting his hair to appear less attractive, and making his voice sound a lot less crispy when he talks. Overall, I love the song for its electrifying vibes, but on the real, I absolutely adore it for its rebelliousness!

You know what else you can do in that situation, Van? Shave your eyebrows so you can do away with expressions.



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