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Jojo2amazing Gets Sensual In “BedWalk” (Review & Stream)

Jojo2amazing sounds like he’s about to perform some wrestling moves on his chick.

There are two types of guys in this world: One that makes love, and another that does his best to beat up the kitty cat whenever he gets the chance; Jojo2amazing is the latter. On “BedWalk,” the Elmont, NY native was able to give us a version of himself that holds nothing back when it comes to getting his girl aroused, forcing the bedroom underachieves of the world to hold on even tighter to their women.

Gassed up by this dramatic instrumental, JoJo2amazing starts off “BedWalk” flexing his vocal skills, delivering this heavily melodic hook that is simple yet infectious enough to catch your attention. From there, he gets lyrical, dropping off a few verses that are blunt, exact and blithe. Aside from that, I also like how he utilizes a consistent flow and gaudy punchlines throughout, delivering both with great confidence. In my opinion, you need great confidence to talk about the s**t he’s talking about on this song.

Check out “BedWalk” up top! The music video to it does a great job of matching the tracks sensual lyrics, incorporating some serious booty, booze and smiles into its visuals. S**t, I feel like going to the strip club after watching this joint!



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