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Layzie Bone Goes At Migos’ Neck On “Let Me Go Migo” (Review & Stream)

Just what I expected, a Migos diss by Layzie Bone right after Christmas.

The debate about who the best rap group of all-time has hit a boiling point between Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and Migos. After an initial back and forth between Layzie Bone and Offset on social media, the former decided to release a diss track aimed the latter’s way today called “Let Me Go Migo.” On it, he calls the Atlanta-based group out for disrespect, while also acknowledging that he will not tolerate being taken as a punk by them. In my opinion, the diss track was a bit weak, but it sounded like more of a poking of the bear than an actual ass-kicking. (BTW, Layzie also takes shots at 21 Savage, too)

If I were the Migos or 21 Savage, I wouldn’t respond to this s**t.



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