Marc Illy Shows The World Some Of His Serious Talent In “Halo” (Review & Stream)

Marc Illy is a man of many different skillsbut making music might be his strongest!

Marc Illy is an American Entrepreneur, rapper, piano player, blogger, social influencer and avid traveler. It’s safe to say that he’s seen it all in his lifetime, which as a result, has given him quite a bit of experiences to speak on in his music. In “Halo,” his latest single, he gets a chance to open up about his romantic life, telling the world about this special individual that has caught his heart through loyalty and forgiveness. I love how Illy pours out his soul throughout the track, practically letting his emotions run amok utilizing an infectious melody, powerful lyrics and confident delivery. As a professional sucker for love, I connected with everything he was saying, which means he did a great job of making something that was very relatable for listeners here.

If you like hip hop tracks that give off this old school yet modern feel, you’ll enjoy this joint a lot! Also, don’t sleep on Illy’s ability to sing, rap and play piano!



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