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Nick Cannon Calls On Ty Dolla $ign & Jacquees For “Nobody Else” (Review & Stream)

We gotta put respect on Nick Cannon’s rapping career (Why are you laughing?).

Nick Cannon has always gotten a bad rap for his music-making abilities, but in my opinion, his s**t isn’t that bad. One of my favorite tracks by him is “Can I Live” —  a very sweet record dedicated to his mom that has nothing but passionate vibes attached to it. “Nobody Else” follows in Can I Live’s passion, but it’s more like sultry passion then emotive passion. The song features Ty Dolla $ign and Jacquees, and together, the two crooners were able to gift us with this melodic hook that gives off 90’s R&B feels galore. Nick follows in both singer’s path, harmonizing about beating the kitty cat up in the most unadulterated way. All in all, I love how the track flows, and surprisingly, the chemistry the trio shows throughout.

Nick Cannon is yet another Nickelodeon kid that turned vulgar as s**t.



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