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Ephect Provides Listeners With A Club How-To-Guide In “JUST LIKE THAT” (Review & Stream)

I can’t wait to get that Hot Tub Time Machine from the UPS guy tomorrow!

Ephect is one of those gritty rappers that has a knack for killin’ s**t on practically every song he makes. However, on his latest single, “Just Like That,” he goes the club-making route, gifting us with a banger so slick and sly, my girl fell under its spell listening to it (SMH).

Powered by this infectious club instrumental, Ephect gets straight to the point when it comes to the mission at hand: slayin’ the club with all his might! Throughout his verses, he does a great job of explaining how he’s able to do it, outlining his every move with precise lyrical content. In the unlikely event you aren’t a big storytelling rap fan, no need to worry, because the track also has this appeal to it that should catch your attention, as our hero was also able to lay out a catchy hook that is extremely entertaining to listen to (S**t, him saying ” JUST LIKE THAT” is stuck in my head as we speak).

Make sure you check out “JUST LIKE THAT” at the top of the page. Also, be sure to stream Ephect’s latest album Nphection HERE!




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