Soulja Boy Preps “Fuego” With “No Hook 2” (Review & Stream)

Oh s**t, Soulja Boy woke up this morning a G-Herbo doppelgänger!

Say what you want about Soulja Boy, but I think he’s one of the most respectable hustlers in the game.  Though his music hasn’t been hitting as much as it used to, he does find ways to stay relevant. With that being said, his latest single “No Hook 2” should continue to keep his name in our mouths for the time being (Pause).

I’ve put up with a lot of s**t from Soulja Boy throughout the years, but practically sounding like a n***a that’s reading from a teleprompter is where he crossed the line! On “No Hook 2,” that is exactly what he gives us, as he spews out nothing but mumbo-jumbo using a discombobulated flow similar to the one G-Herbo uses when he raps. Much like flannel designs on my sexy body doesn’t fit me, Herbo’s flow doesn’t fit him!

I f**k with everything about Soulja Boy (Including his bootleg game console) but his music… Like seriously, I rather see him as an NFL owner than a musician.






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