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You’ll Love The Vibes Boogie Gives Off In “Silent Ride” (Review & Stream)


I just got hip to Boogie after I saw him on that Snickers commercial with Elton John.

I feel like there is a good amount of knowledgeable rappers in the game right now. Boogie is one them, and with the release of his upcoming project, I can see him finally getting the credit he deserves. In the meantime, the Compton rapper decided to bless us with the lead single to that project today, and on it, he was able to give us something Wale-esque on the hook, and some pretty deep bars centered around ignoring the noise around you in favor of some logical thoughts on his verses. That’s some deep s**t, right?

I’m looking forward to Boogie’s Everything For Sale project! It drops January 25th!



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