Jeremih Hops On Zhavia Ward’s Smooth “Candlelight” Single (Review & Stream)

I’m pretty sure Jeremih didn’t need to be on this song, but since he is, I’m going to go ahead and hear him attempt to reach some serious notes.

Zhavia Ward is one of those singers that has a knack for finding passion in the littlest of things. In her latest single, “Candlelight,” that passion is dedicated to her lights, and the end result is an adorable lullaby that has a timeless feel to it. On this spankin’ new remix to the song, Jeremih does his best to match Zhavia’s emotional contributions, and what we end up with is a high-pitched performance that fits in nicely with everything else you hear (All we needed from Jeremih was to not f**k up a good thing).

The candlelight in my basement has been broken for months now, bro!



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