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Soulja Boy Releases “Cut The Check” (Review & Stream)


Anybody in the mood for some egotistical rap?

As many of you know, Soulja Boy (aka Young Draco) has had quite the career revival these last couple of weeks. This really isn’t because of his music, it has more to do with the funny ass interviews he’s been doing as of late. With that being said, his sudden momentum has resulted in an interest in his music, which is why us at The Ratings Game have been willing to waste our time reviewing his new s**t. In the Compton native’s latest offering, “Cut The Check,” he was able to bless us with an absolute banger that features a bass boomin’ instrumental, cocky lyrical content and flows that sound similar to the ones he used in his heyday. If you are in need of an energy boost at work or something, I recommend you give the song a shot.

To be honest with you, this s**t sounds like the rap equivalent of the noise Macaulay Culkin was listening to on the beginning of the “Black & White” video.




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