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IDKANYMORE Explode Onto The Scene With “Consequences” (Review & Stream)

This song is nothing less than flames!

So the rumors turned out to be true! IDKANYMORE is a duo consisting of solo acts, Nicklaus and LUURK. Together, the talented musicians aim to flip the industry upside down, and I am all for it! In their debut single, “Consequences,” featuring Austin Hull, the trio were able to create this smooth yet lyrically tenacious tune that gives off quite the vibes.

I’m not going to lie, I love the attitude, chemistry and fury that all three of our heroes deliver on this song. With the track revolving around standing up tall to those trying to bring you down, I felt every ounce of the passion/emotion they gave us in their lyrical content and vocal performances. It’s safe to say, if you want smoke with them, make sure you have your health insurance straight.

If this is what we should expect from IDKANYMORE in the near future, the music industry should be afraid…



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