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Gunna Enters 2019 Bossy With “One Call” (Review & Stream)


I feel like we went an eternity without hearing from Gunna (It was only a few weeks)…

I can argue with you that Gunna had a bigger 2018 than any other rap artist in the game. Not only was he on a s**tload of albums last year, but he also dropped a few collaborative efforts, too. Today, he dives into 2019 headfirst, gifting us with this tough ass banger called “One Call.” For a good chunk of the song, Gunna vibes out, getting lost in the bass boominn’/hypnotizing instrumental he was served with. When he wasn’t lost, he made sure to bless us with an infectious melody we can all f**k with and some lyrical content that served as a reminder of how much of a come-up he had. What a mixture!

Can Gunna make that leap to superstar status in 2019? I guess we shall see…



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