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$tylJa Bosses Up In “You’ll Know” (Review & Stream)

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Forget trying to be like Mike, $tylJa is who you should strive to be!

$tylJa is probably cooler than you or I, and at this point, you simply have to accept it. In “You’ll Know,” his latest single, he solidifies those sentiments, delivering a smooth banger that features a laid-back instrumental (By U’NIQUE) and nothing but the trillest of lyrics.

Though the vibes of this song is probably its strongest attribute, I do not think $tylJa’s rapping style should be ignored. On each of his verses, I love how he takes his time laying down his bars, as he makes the idea of hustling, shining, celebrating and keeping haters in the dirt sound like easy-work. All in all, every single word that comes out of $tylJa’s mouth on this song is anticipated, which as a result, makes for a banger that hypnotizes you more then Biggie and Puffy did.

$tylJa’s rap style reminds me of vintage Rick Ross’ rap style. Vintage Rick Ross is a legend to me, so you need to get hip to $tylJa.



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