This joint is fuego!

As a music reviewer, there has only been a few times in which my jaw dropped while I was listening to music —  hearing “Pe$os” was one of them.

“Pe$os” is powered by a cultural trap instrumental (By O$O Familiar Beats) that will literally make you want to cha-cha and do the cooking dance at the same time. Over this instrumental, Kid Fre$h shines bright, spitting tough ass bars centered around ballin’, booking the baddest of chicks and mastering a level of rap that your favorite rappers’ favorite rapper hasn’t even been able to get to. While I f**k with the Texas rapper’s lyrical content a lot, it is his formidable flows and seamless mixture of Spanish and English words that blows my mind. Matter of fact, s**t is pretty amazing!

Pe$o’s is a better version of T.I. and Meek Mill’s “Jefe” track.