Juvenile’s forgiveness game is impressive.

Cash Money records had a lot of success together, but they also had quite some turmoil. Rumor has it, Birdman wasn’t paying folks, which ultimately resulted in the breaking up of the group. A couple years later, some of the members have decided to join forces again, with Juvenile and Birdman being two of them.

“Just Another Gangsta” sounds like an old school bay area track. Matter of fact, you can literally hear Too Short’s “B*tch” adlib throughout the song. Rapping-wise, Birdman and Juvenile talk their s**t, requesting big wads of cash, respect and big booty chicks utilizing vastly different styles of rapping. All in all, I f**k with the song’s energy, and quite honestly, felt like both rappers haven’t changed much from their old days.

I miss the old Cash Money…