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Dukki Boy Shines In The Electrifying “Let’s Go (Number 1 Girl)”


Dukki Boy speaks for every guy in the world that has a bad chick on their side.

I love gritty bars as much as the next person does, but sometimes, I want to hear some smooth s**t I can get down to. With that being said, Dukki Boy’s “Let’s Go (Number 1 Girl)” felt like a fresh breath of air.

“Let’s Go (Number 1 Girl)” is powered by this futuristic instrumental that has its fair-share of vibrancy attached to it. Over this instrumental, listeners are greeted to this highly infectious hook that pumps both energy and positive vibes into the song. From there, Dukki Boy does his thing, dropping lyrics about basking in this chick that has everything from a good body to a great mental. (Everything real ones should be looking for in a woman)

You know what I love most about this song? The way Dukki gasses his woman up throughout it, dropping heart-pumping bars literally from start to finish. I’m not going to lie, while I was listening to this joint, I got off my seat, jumped on my dining table and started dancing my ass off! S**t, is it Friday yet?



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