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DJ Raw B & Luke Sick Bring Back Old School Vibes In “Head Chucka”


DJ Raw B & Luke Sick brought back my childhood years with this one.

DJ Raw B and Luke Sick are two friends from the Bay area that decided to form a hip-hop duo a few years back. In “Born Illness,” their first album together, their chemistry and individual love for the hip-hop genre rears its face, making for a body of work that is as authentic as any other rap project I’ve heard in the last year. One of my favorite songs from the album is “Head Chucka.”

“Head Chucka” is mean! It features this hard-hitting instrumental that boasts nothing but 90’s rap vibes. Over this instrumental, Luke Sick drops hazardous bars, rapping about everything from living life on the edge to paying homage to the Bay Area. Throughout, Sick utilizes this gritty approach, piecing together his words through steady flows, tricky wordplay and unapologetic lyrical content. The combination of the three aspects shakes down the weak, while at the same time, unites the real.

If you are a fan of 90’s rap, you need to give “Head Chucka” a listen!



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