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Addisyn Chafé Delivers In The Heartwarming “When We Fall In Love”


I might have teared up a little listening to this song.

Addisyn Chafé is one of those singers that is capable of giving you the feels when she makes music. Not only does she have the voice of an angel, but she also has a knack for reaching listener’s souls with some pretty deep lyrical content.

With “When We Fall In Love” giving off these soothing vibes, Addisyn gently lays down some spellbinding notes, getting lost in her compelling views of an unconditional love.  In my opinion, every ounce of passion, emotion, soulfulness and openness she gives us is real, which I think makes for a relatable tune that reminds listeners how powerful love can be when there is an extra emphasis on it.

Listen to Addisyn Chafè’s “When We Fall In Love” off of her new “Lost” EP at the top of the page!




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