Khalid, you gon’ f**k around and make me cry on my b’day weekend 🙁

Honest to GOD, Khalid drops the realest R&B music on this planet! His ability to navigate through some pretty complicated emotions utilizing both a soulful and alternative sound is impressive. In his latest single, “Self,” the flat-top phenom drops something powerful, reminding individuals about all the insecurities that can come with having a fractured mental.

You know what I love about this song? It seems like Khalid gets lost in his feelings on it, singing fearlessly and painting a picture of despair vividly. Maybe it was Hit-Boy’s numbing instrumental that made the El Paso singer show off his touchy side, or perhaps he’s dealing with some demons in his life; whatever the case may be, I hope he’s doing alright.

I’m waiting on Khalid’s “Free Spirit” album like I’m waiting on this Chicken that’s in the oven to turn white all-around (You can’t eat that s**t when it’s still pink, folks).