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Ren Daversa Pours Her Heart Out In “Cut & Dried”


“Cut & Dried” presents tough love to listeners in the gentlest of ways!

“Cut & Dried” is a soothing tune that hypnotizes listeners with its pleasant instrumental and gentle crooning. While your under its spell, you also get some passionate lyrical content revolving around possibly removing yourself from a situation that has shown to be unfavorable throughout time. While I enjoy the rhythm attached to this song quite a bit, I believe it’s Ren Daversa’s ability to fiddle with our emotions through her heavenly voice that stands out the most to me.

Make sure you listen to “Cut & Dried” at the top of the page! Also, be sure to follow Ren on the following links below:





One thought on “Ren Daversa Pours Her Heart Out In “Cut & Dried”

  1. Thanks for the awesome review of my single, Cut and Dried! So rewarding to know that my songs are being heard and the message is coming through for each individual listener. I am humbled. Thank you, again! xoxo Ren Daversa

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