Nick is definitely a rap GOD, because in this song, he sounds like he created rap.

Hip-hop fans around the globe, if you aren’t hip to Nick Nittoli, drop everything you’re doing and do some research on that man! Dude doesn’t only have the flows, confidence, lyrical content, pizzazz, word-play and slyness of a legend, but he also has this killer mentality to him that should put fear in all of your favorite rapper’s favorite rappers’ hearts. In his latest release, Nittoli slays s**t, proving his worth to his naysayers, while making his case for the number one seed to his fans.

Anyone else press-play on “GOD” and knew once the beat dropped you would hear fire? On this song, Nittoli doesn’t hold a single thing back, strong-arming his competition with buff ass punchlines and merciless sentiments. On a personal note, I love the animation he raps with throughout his verses, as he does a great job of making the listener’s musical experience feel equivalent to hearing some gladiator s**t in the form of a hip-hop banger.

You know what they say: If you tell yourself something over and over again, you might just become it; Nittoli tells himself he’s a GOD over and over again on the hook to this song, and it’s safe to say that he’s slowly morphing into that.