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ScHoolboy Q Calls On Travis Scott For “CHopsticks”


I eat my Chinese with forks, but I can f**k with Chopsticks for a day.

Slept on fact: ScHoolboy Q’s gangsta tracks are fire, but his commercial ones might be even better! Don’t you love “Studio,” “Collard Greens” and “THat Part?” Well, I think “CHopstix” is in the same lane as those three, which means ScHoolboy has just gone 4/4.

“Chopstix” features a very melodic contribution by featured guest Travis Scott, and a pretty exuberant performance by ScHoolboy Q. When you combine their two styles together, along with the hard-hitting/gentle instrumental they rap/sing over, you get a catchy/pleasurable banger that reminds you how playa these rappers can be when they feel like being.

ScHoolboy Q is actually spitting hard on this joint!



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