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Fingertrick Electrifies In “All Dawgs Go To Heaven”


Yes, all dawgs go to heaven, but will there be hot Cheetos there?

Let’s keep it all the way real: Finding authentic rock music is very hard. That is why when you find it, cherish it like it is one of your children. “All Dawgs Go To Heaven” is one of those rare authentic rock songs, and in all honesty, while listening to it, I spazzed out.

There are so many reasons to love “All Dawgs Go To Heaven.” For starters, the roughly four minute track features this hard-hitting instrumental that contains hazardous guitar-play and tumultuous drumming. Over this instrumental, the lead singer of Fingertrick absolutely loses his s**t, singing boisterously about everything from self-righteousness to letting your body babysit itself after a crazy night. When you combine all the different sounds together, you get nothing but pure mayhem!

Please listen to “All Dawgs Go To Heaven” up top! The song might come for your life, but that’s OK, you should let it.




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