Mr MooQ Electrifies In “Complicated”


Make sure you bring out your dancing shoes for “Complicated.”

On a breezy Sunday night, what is better than putting on some of Mr MooQ’s music? I feel like he always blesses us with songs that have great vibes, energy and funkiness, which if you are a music fan, is impossible to not appreciate. In his latest single, “Complicated,” the “Dreaming In Color” singer turns things up a notch, delivering something for us that is highly entertaining to listen to.

“Complicated” is powered by this upbeat instrumental that screams out dance all over me. Over this instrumental, Mr MooQ talks about a disconnect he has with his lover, and how he’s figured out a simple way to fix it (That’s by not making the simple things feel so complicated). Personally, I love the emotion you hear from the legendary singer on the track, in addition to the infectious melody he was able to lay down, his honest lyrics and smooth crooning.

I hate complicated relationships, but I hate individuals who can’t appreciate music like this even more!




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