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Royal Reigns Supreme In The Powerful “Letter To Cecil”


Royal, God put you on earth to make this song, bro.

In his first verse on “Letter To Cecil,” Delaware’s Royal warns listeners that you might get the chills hearing him spit, and by golly, he’s absolutely right!

Throughout “Letter To Cecil,” Royal talks about his ups and downs, positive and negative episodes, and his fractured and non-fractured relationships all using this passionate style of rapping that is impossible to ignore. If this aspect of the song doesn’t get you in your feelings, the production attached to it will, as it boasts this spiritual vibe that literally does everything in its power to set up camp in your heart.

“Letter To Cecil” is inspirational, motivational, heartwarming, and most importantly, the definition of raw/unapologetic/organic rap. I love it, I love it, I LOVE IT!



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