Eileen Gets Provocative In “#1 FAN”

You don’t have yourself a down ass chick if she doesn’t turn into a stripper every once in a while.

You know what makes Eileen unique? Not only is she able to sing her butt off, but lyrically, she does a fantastic job of making you envision her rawest thoughts and ideas. In “#1 FAN,” Eileen’s latest single, her raw thoughts and ideas turn frisky.

Eileen’s lyrics to “#1 FAN” are not only sexy (Eileen talks about putting herself in the shoes of a stripper that has seductive moves, wants tips, and offers VIP seating in her bedroom-laced club in the song), but they are also both clever and vivid. On the real, while listening to the song, you will feel like a fly on the wall of her freaky ass bedroom.

Aside from the sensual lyrics in “#1 FAN,” you will love the passion Eileen gifts us with from the moment you press play on the song. It’s almost like pleasing her man is what brings out the soul in her.

Anyone else thinks Eileen’s man is the luckiest dude in the world? He’s probably saved himself a lot of money, too.




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