Tory Lanez Drops “What Happened To The Kids”

This song can serve as an anthem for the Boston Celtics’ 2019 season.

Every time I see that Tory Lanez dropped a new song, I say to myself: Which direction will he go on it? He can either hit us with some club s**t, or he can hit us with some tough ass rap s**t; in “What Happened To The Kids,” he decided to hit us with the latter, as he delivers a powerful track that has him talking about lessons learned in the hood, and the many different ways he sees how he can make it a safer place for his son.

Backed by this emotional instrumental, Tory gets gritty, rapping with this hard-nosed approach that would make even Draymond Green shake up a little. To many, what you hear in this song is the “Love Me Now” rapper at his best — a side Joyner wants zero smoke with.




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