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GoldLink Plays AfroBeat Legend In “Zulu Screams”


Someone gave GoldLink some egusi soup, and he f**ked around and made a Naija-inspired hit right after that.

Goldlink is one of those rappers that I think loves to add a new type of dynamic to his music every chance he gets. In “Zulu Screams,” he tries his most daring approach yet, dropping off a fast-paced banger that features Maleek Berry and Bibi Bourelly, in addition to an afrobeats instrumental people with green cards will love. As for Goldlink himself, I thought he shined bright by hurling out braggadocios lyrics steadily on the track, establishing himself as one bad akata in the process.

Goldlink is from the DMV, and everybody knows the DMV is New Nigeria.



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