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Woven Green Sing About Making The World A Better Place In “Lift It Up”


If “Lift It Up” doesn’t inspire you to give a random person a hug, I don’t know what will…

When Woven Green provides us with music, they make sure we get every single cent worth out of it. Their knack for creating tunes that feature powerful instrumentals, emotional crooning and deep words is unmatched. In “Lift It Up,” their latest single, the band was able to shine bright by leaving everything they had in the studio.

“Lift It Up” is probably the most powerful song I’ve heard this year. With it being driven by this hard-hitting/cinematic instrumental, both Jim and Ashley literally bring out their dramatic sides on their contributions, imploring listeners to do whatever they can to make the world a calmer, more peaceful, less violent and cleaner place. If you had an opportunity to hear the song, I can guarantee you that Ashley and Jim’s amazing vocals will give you several epiphanies, and their impactful lyrics will set up camp in your heart.

There’s nothing better than music with a purpose.



2 thoughts on “Woven Green Sing About Making The World A Better Place In “Lift It Up”

  1. Just now seeing this. Wow!! Thank you for this exceptional review! You nailed it! This made our day : ) Thanks again Quincy!! – WG

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