Mark Winters Rocks Out In “Be There”


”Be There” is the definition of cold hard/authentic rock music. 

Mark Winters is a rock musician from Sugarland, Texas that has a knack for making music that comes from the heart. In “Be There,” one of his most heartfelt songs, he makes sure to make something that can be felt just as much as heard.

“Be There” is one of those songs that has great foot-tapping potential, in addition to this hypnotizing feel that draws you all the way in. With the instrumental to the song boasting electrifying guitar-play and hard-hitting drumming, Mark simply lets his heart bleed, singing about embracing the high of being around that one special person. I love the bluesy vibes of Mark’s vocal performance on his verses, and how he practically drags his emotions to the finish line from start to finish.

Man, Mark loves his baby as much as I love Spaghetti!




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