Ranzel X Kendrick Releases “Crazy Love”


“Crazy Love” is off of Ranzel X Kendrick’s “Texas Cactus” album.

Ranzel X Kendrick’s “Texas Cactus” is filled with timeless-sounding music that never lets up in heartwarming vibes. One of my favorite songs off of the album is “Crazy Love” — A feel-good gem that features a soothing instrumental, passionate crooning and angelic lyrical content.

We’ve all been in love before, we just don’t react to it the same. For Ranzel X Kendrick, it seems as though he gets sentimental when he’s in it, because in “Crazy Love,” he was able to create this lovely tune that gives off so much positivity, I was able to store leftovers of it in the fridge. All in all, as a music fan, I love how the instrumental that Kendrick sings over flows (Never speeding up or deviating from this comforting sound), while both the vocals and his lyrics sound as heavenly and authentic as it gets. I am truly a fan of this beautiful song.

I closed my eyes throughout listening to this song.




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