G**damn, do I need that many R&B singers to ‘get me?’

Dreamville’s rap department is blazing hot, but when it comes to their R&B side, it’s still on the come up. With that being said, “Got Me,” one of two singles that released earlier today by the label, reintroduces the world to Ari Lennox and Omen, while refreshing the minds of us all of Ty Dolla $ign and Dreezy.

“Got Me” is a slow jam, but in my opinion, it isn’t all that sweet. Yes, it features a beat that sounds like it’s trying to get itself out of molasses and outstanding vocals by Ty Dolla $ign and Ari Lennox, but at the same time, it has this level of openness, rawness and vulnerability to it that is unique. Additionally, the song features blunt verses by Omen and Dreezy that sort-of shifts the mood in the room into some hood Romeo and Juillet s**t.

Whoever put this quartet of random individuals together is a genius!