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A$AP Ferg & City Girls Unite For “Wigs”

Ratchet overload on aisle 3…

On the male side of hip-hop, A$AP Ferg is the club record king; On the female side, City Girls hold that title. Today, the two rap acts decided to unite with one another, and the end-result is a tumultuous banger that features a GOD-awful hook and plenty of ratchet ass lyrics.

Let’s be real with ourselves: Who in the flying f**k wants to hear a song in which the artists say “Put Your Wig On The Muthaf**kin’ floor” over and over again? Or better yet, who wants to hear a song in which A$AP Ferg repeats the same s**t on his verses. Listen, I like club records because they have great energy attached to it, but don’t think you can sloppily put one together and tell me that it is the musical version of caviar.

This song is bad.




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