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Miss Money Shines In The Summery “MrsParker”


Listeners, you might need an emergency twerk session after listening to this song.

Miss Money is a highly successful singer/songwriter that has won awards for her music and has toured with some major players in the hip-hop game. With the release of “MrsParker,” she looks to own the summer.

“MrsParker” is a muthaf**kin’ hit! In less than an hour, I played it five straight times. So what makes it so fire? First and foremost, it’s hella catchy, featuring a couple of melodies that does everything in its power to get stuck in your head. Additionally, the instrumental that powers the song has this vibrant/Caribbean instrumental attached to it that practically begs you to shake your ass to it. Last but not least, I love how raw/upfront Miss Money is with her admiration for booty bouncers, and I enjoy how that admiration came out in exuberant lines and pure excitement.

If you play this joint at a pool party, it WILL get bumpin’!



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