Rick Ross Drops “Big Tyme”

“Port Of Miami 2” is on its way, so call off of work now, folks!

In the upcoming “Port Of Miami 2,” I am expecting to hear old school Rick Ross. If “BIG TYME” is a glimpse of what might be on the album, I believe the self-titled “Boss” is on the road to success.

“BIG TYME” features a trunk-rattling instrumental by the legendary Just Blaze that also has some glow to it. Over this instrumental, Rick Ross lets completely loose, gloating about his big money, big booty women (With little toes apparently) and big mob ties. With featured guest Swizz Beatz in the background hyping Ross up throughout, you get a version of the rapper that is more interested in living it up and being grandiose then actually dropping focused bars. On the real, s**t kind-of reminded me of “Hold Me Back.”

You know what I would consider ‘BIG TYME?’ If someone handed me some Quesadillas right now!




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