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Eileen – Redemption EP (Review)

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Eileen brings back authentic R&B music in “Redemption EP.”





“Where Do We Go” is the shortest song on this EP, but in my opinion, it’s the most riveting (Go ahead and get your popcorn out before listening to it, folks).

“Where Do We Go” is one of those emotional slow jams that keeps you locked into it every single second. On it, Eileen talks about being a bit reluctant when it comes to giving this guy she’s feeling a chance to get to third base with her. Personally, I feel Eileen nailed her feelings down perfectly on this song, touching on a few understandable concerns with her current situation, in addition to a level of vulnerability that is glaring. I also thought she gave her best vocal performance of the EP on this song, letting go of any timidness and letting her soul takeover from start to finish.

I love that getting to third base is harder than getting to first when it comes to dealing with Eileen!




“Delete (Remix)” isn’t just a song, it’s also a how-to-guide on how to deal with a tired ass individual.

“Delete (Remix)” is powered by this hard-hitting, yet sly instrumental. Over this instrumental, Eileen lets her ex-lover know that she’s no longer putting up with their nonsense, justifying in the process why she’s going to hit delete on their number. As a listener, you’re going to love how the talented singer navigates through her verses with poise, but also a level of angst that only adds to the song’s urgency. You’ll also love how Eileen reaches a myriad of notes vocally, coming across as a fantastic singer that’s fed up for the time-being.

V.I.P. & Karma are featured on “Delete (Remix),” and I think they add a very relatable feel to the track. While the former begs like a panhandler to get another opportunity to prove himself as a committed lover on his verse, the latter sounds over her lover’s s**t, as you get something direct and heinous from her.

If you get your number deleted on a regular version and remix, you must be a pretty bad lover.



1. #1FAN

You don’t have yourself a down ass chick if she doesn’t turn into a stripper every once in a while.

You know what makes Eileen unique? Not only is she able to sing her butt off, but lyrically, she does a fantastic job of making you envision her thoughts and ideas in her music. In “#1 FAN,” her latest single, those sentiments ring truer than ever, as Eileen was able to create an anthem dedicated to women who want to play stripper for their man every once in a while.

I’m not going to lie, I was glued to my seat listening to this song. First and foremost, Eileen’s words on her verses are not only sexy, but they are also clever and vivid, as she does her best to put herself in the shoes of a stripper that has seductive moves, wants tips and offers VIP seating in her bedroom-laced club. Every lyric Eileen sings is accompanied by pure passion, which results in dirty thoughts and freaky ideas running through my mind.

Anyone else think Eileen’s man is the luckiest dude in the world? He’s probably saved himself a lot of money, too.


1. DELETE (REMIX) (5/5)


3. #1FAN (5/5)

4. WHERE DO WE GO (4.5/5)

5. INSANITY (4/5)




Eileen is easily one of the most enjoyable R&B singers to listen to. When she sings, not only does she give it her all, but she also reaches notes that are damn-there jaw-dropping. In “Redemption EP,” Eileen combines her excellent musical skills with some pretty introspective subject-matters and powerful lyrics. Though the project is short, I think you get enough passion, vulnerability, exciting times and authentic R&B to fully have a good time.

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