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Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Billy Eichner & Seth Rogen Remake “Can You Feel The Love Tonight”

I told my wife yesterday that I wasn’t going to watch Lion King with her, and she almost slapped the hell out of me! (I definitely deserved it)

At this rate, the release of 2019’s Lion King will be a bigger event than the construction of Rome. Right now I feel so much anticipation for the movie that my arteries are starting to hurt (I don’t know why this movie is f**king up my arteries, but it is what it is). Adding to that anticipation today is “Can You Feel The Love Tonight” — A remake of the classic tune with the same name that features a bunch of mushiness, lovely vocals by Childish Gambino and Beyoncé, a brief wisdom-filled story and Seth Rogen for some odd reason. While I don’t recommend playing this song for pregame, it could fit in nicely with your ‘I’m trying to get my child to fall asleep without giving them NyQuil” playlist.

Childish Gambino’s voice is perfect for Disney Characters! In my opinion, he sounds like he’s never committed a single sin on this song.



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