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Eve Returns To The Music Scene With “Reload”


Eve is back, guys! Stevie J, go back to hiding your ass in the closet.

When it comes to female rappers, Eve definitely makes my top 10 of all-time. Not only do I believe she has bars, but I also think she has this level of grit to her that allows her to never settle or succumb to the typical s**t other female rappers talk about. In “Reload,” her first single since 2013, the Philly native opts to go the reggae route, rapping trill and honestly about a washed up love over this dancehall-inspired instrumental.

Konshens is featured on “Reload,” and as expected, he adds an authentic reggae flavor to the track. Will you guys appreciate his contributions? Probably not, but f**k it, I will!

Ya’ll thought because Eve married a MaxiMillion Cooper that she was going to let up on hood vibes? Hell no! (Actually, being real with you, I thought she would)



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