I’m so thirsty for some new Big Sean, I am willing to listen to simply a hook from him at this point.

Big Sean has been moving very mutely as of late. At the same time, I understand that he’s the kind of dude that brings music out only when it feels right to him. With that being said, I have no clue why Kash Doll was granted one of his handful of a verses this year. Whatever the case may be, “Ready Set” is an absolute banger, as it features a bass boomin’/fast-paced instrumental, fiery bars by Kash (in which she sounds like a more polished Iggy Azalea), and most importantly, a fly ass hook by Sean in which he talks about his unlikely comeuppance. On the real, I’m feeling this s**t for sure!

Yo, I’m just now finding out that Kash Doll is a helluva spitter!