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Da Baby & Lil Baby Connect For Quality Control’s “Baby”


The only baby this song is missing is Baby Bash!

Never in a million years did I think two artists with ‘baby’ in their names would sit at the top of hip-hop’s totem pole. Well, that’s what’s happening in 2019, as Lil Baby and Da Baby are both reigning supreme making music n***as are feeling these days. In “Baby,” the two ‘baby’ phenoms decided to link up with one another, and what we get is a cold ass banger that features a mumbling ass Lil Baby that’s actually being both humble and defensive on his verse, and a braggadocios Da Baby that’s ready to squeeze his hammer and some cheeks. The combination of both styles makes for some grown up s**t (ironically).

It looks like Quality Control is trying to one-up Dreamville…. Hmm, do we have an old school label vs. label brouhaha forming?




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