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Who is TR3DEMARK?..Well, You Will Know Very Soon…

Check out this snippet featuring TR3DEMARK from the Ill Advised Wise Guys podcast earlier this week.

As far as the full episode of the podcast, below is a description of it:

On Episode 55 of the Ill Advised Wise Guys Podcast, the wise guys discuss why Part 3 of all notable movie series are bad, Tyrese’s over acting, Denzel Washington and Will Smith being type casted, why strip club chicken wings are overrated! Then the music reviews begin…Did the Dreamville collective establish themselves as the top group of today after dropping the ‘Revenge of the Dreamers III’? (10:59). After dropping K.R.I.T. IZ HERE, has Big K.R.I.T. finally arrived!!? (23:22). Seriously speaking, is Ed Sheeran a G.O.A.T candidate after hearing his dynamic new album called ‘No.6 Collaborations Project’? (32:03). Has Jaden ventured too far into the future with ‘EYRS’? (40:12). Does Machine Gun Kelly deserve your ear after dropping a surprisingly good album called ‘Hotel Diablo’? (48:45).

Plus, on the #WhoGotNext? segment (66:28), the wise guys chop it up with the very talented lyricist out of the D(M)V named TR3DEMRK. They discuss his musical influences, lyrical techniques, his #TR3DAYS social media campaign, what we can expect from his new album called ‘TRUE’ – which should be dropping real soon and much more! You don’t want to miss out on this interview! TAP IN 🙂 #musicreview #illadvisedwiseguys #DreamVizionNetwork

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