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Aspect Of Eden Electrify In “Digital Religion”

“Digital Religion” is the definition of a futuristic music experience.

Aspect Of Eden is an electro/rock band that I never want to see placed in a box. In my opinion, their imaginations are too magical, their knack for creating timeless hits is too relentless, and their music skills are too good. In “Digital Religion,” the band capitalizes on everything they do well, gifting us with an explosive track that literally came for my life like 20 times in the span of four minutes.

You know what I love most about “Digital Religion?” There are so many different phases to it. Initially, you get this soothing phase that features heavy bass, electric vibes and sobering singing, but as the song goes on, things gets more and more intense, as tumultuous drumming, boisterous singing and rebellious lyrics establish this closeout phase. Personally, I love when music morphs into untamed animals, especially when I’m in need of an energy boost!

If ‘Digital Religion’ is actually a ‘religion,’ I’ll be early to that church every Sunday morning!



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