Foolish Senpai Gets Deep In “PTSD”


Foolish Senpai bravely documents a few dark thoughts he has/had in his mind in “PTSD.”

Foolish Senpai is a very good rapper, but at his core, he’s no different than you or I. What that means is that he has deep thoughts just like everyone else — he’s just capable of turning them into dope music. With that being said, “Thrill Of The Chase II,” Foolish’s most recent body of work, features plenty of powerful songs; below, I talk about “PTSD” — one of the most powerful songs on the album.

With “PTSD” being powered by this numbing instrumental, Foolish Senpai opens up about his past. What he touches on is being both verbally and mentally abused in his household, and how those experiences traumatized him even up to today. While I love how focused Foolish is when it comes to delivering his bars, I believe it’s his openness/directness when it comes to discussing his semi-fractured relationships now and today that catches my attention the most.

Checkout “PTSD” at the top of the page, be sure to follow Foolish Senpai on Instragram (@foolish_senpai), and stream “Thrill of the Chase” HERE! (Is that asking for too much?)




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