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Sleep Walker Shows Some Serious Openness In “Consequences”

Don’t you just love when musicians pour their hearts out in their music like Sleep Walker does in “Consequences?”

Sleep Walker is a great singer, but I think it is his ability to talk about the everyday things regular individuals like myself go through on a daily basis (Which includes love and heartbreak) that catches my attention the most. In “Consequences,” not only does Walker touch on these topics, but he also sings passionately, emotionally and fearlessly about them, too.

From the moment you press play on “Consequences,” you are greeted to an emotional song titled “All The Things” that features Walker singing about making a change in a relationship he’s having issues with. From there, you get songs like “Trust Matter” and “Questions,” in which Walker sorta seeks trust and answers for shaky situations such as cheating. Personally, I love the effortless melodies our hero is able to deliver throughout each song, in addition to his serious harmonizing and intricate/deep lyrics. On the real, as a listener, you will be engaged by what Walker gives you on this EP.

Make sure you give Sleep Walker’s “Consequences” a shot.

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