Bamis Is On A “Mission” In New Single

Bamis is killing s**t on his mission, so if you don’t have heart, start hiding under your bed now.

I’ll get straight to the point with my assessment of “Mission:” It’s trill as f**k! First and foremost, the instrumental that powers the song is hard-hitting, featuring heavy bass, and most importantly, vibes that are as gangsta as it gets. Over this instrumental, Bamis dives deep into his rap bag, utilizing fantastic punchlines and wordplay to discuss his intentions of getting to the paper and slaying every single song he hops on. Additionally, Bamis does a bit of singing on “Mission,” delivering this highly melodic hook that pretty much eases the tension in the room.

Bamis is the truth! Make sure you check out his “Mission” track at the top of the page!



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